Aquatic Resource Group

8334 Pineville Matthews Road, Suite 103-156, Charlotte, NC 28226


Mecklenburg Aquatic Construction was founded in early 2004 in Charlotte, NC as a local pool construction and renovation firm. From its inception, Mecklenburg Aquatic Construction had aspirations to be more than just a construction firm. Mecklenburg Aquatic Construction wanted to be a complete "resource" for local pool facilities. With exceptional knowledge and experience, Mecklenburg Aquatic Construction grew rather quickly in the Charlotte metro area and even extended its reach across the entire state. Because of name confusion with Mecklenburg Aquatic Center, Mecklenburg Aquatic Construction changed its name to Aquatic Construction. Growing faster than ever, Aquatic Construction merged with a regional pool chemical company. Once the merger was complete, Aquatic Resource Group emerged. 

Aquatic Resource Group is now comprised of:

Aquatic Resource Group's continued growth has led to the gain of customers not only in North Carolina, but also in South Carolina,  Virgina, Gourgia, and Tennessee.