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Accu-TabĀ® by Axiall llc.

Accu-Tab® Tablet Chlorination Systems from Axiall llc Industries

Aquatic Resource Group provides this type of chlorination system to YMCA's, Country Clubs, Wellness Centers, Aquatics & Fitness Centers, Community Swimming Pools, Apartment and Condo Pools, and many other facilities in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.  From community swimming pools and spas to large aquatic facilities, pool operators face tough challenges in the fight for pool water clarity, safety and water balance. The everyday tests of nature— in addition to the organic and inorganic materials introduced into the water by swimmers—pose serious issues as pool operators strive to reach quality standards and maintain a healthy environment for patrons.


The Accu-Tab® chlorination system from Axiall llc Industries stands up to the challenges of commercial pool environments, as well as rigorous industry and government health and performance requirements, by consistently and accurately delivering the chlorine needed to kill harmful bacteria, control algae and destroy organic contaminants. The easy-to-use calcium hypochlorite tablet-based system is built on smart engineering, proprietary tablet technology and quality construction.

Through use of the Accu-Tab chlorination system, which delivers exceptional performance at a great long-term value, pool operators worldwide are streamlining their maintenance duties and improving their pool operations.

With every drop of sparkling, crystal clean water delivered from the Accu-Tab system comes peace of mind for pool operators and managers.

These Accu-Tab chlorinators are five of many models ideal for indoor or outdoor pool and spa applications.

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